Intersections are notoriously dangerous because they can essentially set the scene for nearly every kind of car accident. T-bone collisions are likely when motorists ignore right of way laws, rear-end crashes can happen when distracted drivers do not stop for red lights, and sideswipe accidents can occur when people fail to follow their lane’s turning designations.

Detail with damage automobile after a car crash accident

According to Business Insider, the second leading cause of fatal collisions in the United States is failure to yield to right of way. For this reason, you should always drive defensively when approaching intersections.

Sadly, even those who follow all local traffic laws can find themselves in a devastating crash. If a drunk, distracted, or reckless driver struck your vehicle at an intersection, you may be entitled to compensation for hospital bills, lost wages, and emotional distress.

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Read on to learn how you can reduce the risk of getting into an accident at an intersection:

  1. Avoid Tailgating

Even if the traffic signal up ahead is green, the car in front of you could stop short for any number of reasons. A pedestrian might ignore the light and dart into the crosswalk, or the motorist might realize he or she is about to miss a turn.

Tailgating is always dangerous, but it is especially risky when approaching intersections. Make sure to leave plenty of stopping distance between your vehicle and the one ahead at all times.

  1. Anticipate Traffic Violations

Anticipating the actions of others is the key to defensive driving. Never assume that the motorists around you will abide by stop signs and traffic signals or use their blinkers to indicate their intentions. For example, if you see a vehicle approaching a red light without decelerating, it is reasonable to assume it will not stop. 

  1. Watch for Cyclists and Pedestrians 

You need to be aware of more than just cars when passing through intersections. Sadly, cycling and pedestrian accidents are common at crosswalks because drivers do not always look out for those on foot.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

If you’ve ever glanced at other motorists when stopped at a red light, you have probably seen some texting, eating, or applying makeup behind the wheel; however, falling victim to driving distractions is always dangerous, even when the vehicle is stopped. For example, if you fail to proceed when the light turns green, it could result in a rear-end collision.

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