The elements that make motorcycle riding so exhilarating—speed, power, and total exposure—are the very same ones that make it incredibly dangerous. According to the Insurance Information Institute, motorcyclists are far more likely than passenger vehicle occupants to sustain injuries or die in a collision.

Even the most experienced and safety-conscious riders are at risk of getting into a catastrophic crash. All it takes is one distracted driver sending one text message to cause a devastating wreck.

At the end of the day, the only foolproof way to avoid a motorcycle accident is to stow the bike in the garage for good. For diehard enthusiasts, though, that is not an option. Fortunately, those who cannot bear to maneuver four wheels in traffic instead of two can protect themselves by wearing quality safety gear.

In certain circumstances, the right gear could even save your life; however, that does not mean you will walk away from a crash unscathed. If you sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle wreck, turn to Campbell, House, & Cummins.

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Read on to learn about four essential pieces of safety gear all motorcyclists should wear:

  1. A Helmet 

A helmet is the most important piece of safety gear that you can wear. Wearing a helmet is so important, in fact, that 47 states have laws requiring riders to do so. For optimum protection, PennyGeeks recommends that you look for a helmet that meets the standards set forth by the Department of Transportation, and replace it every five years, as well as after every impact. 

  1. Gloves

People have a natural inclination to throw down their hands when trying to break a fall. If you do so when traveling 50 mph—or faster—you are going to sustain serious injuries. Reinforced leather gloves can save your fingers, hands, and wrists in the event of a crash.

  1. A Jacket

It might be tempting to ditch your motorcycle jacket during the warmer summer months, but if you end up in a wreck, you are going to wish you hadn’t. Fortunately, manufacturers nowadays produce all kinds of jackets for all kinds of weather. If you are new to riding, start with a simple leather jacket, and invest in gear for different climates once you’re sure you will stick with it.

  1. Boots

A pair of sturdy boots will protect your feet and ankles, especially if the bike rolls over on top of you. Boots designed specifically for riding will also have the traction you need to hold the bike upright with little effort.

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