Client Testimonials

What clients had to say about Campell, House & Cummins – Attorneys at Law

“Wade is such an awesome lawyer! He goes out of his way to help you! He is always helping our non profit without question! Thanks Wade for your heart to help others!”
-Tara W., December 2017

“I was referred to Wade House after I was involved in a car accident. He was very thorough and took care of my case in a very timely manner. He has been extremely helpful to me anytime I need advice. The entire staff was very friendly. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone in need of an attorney.”
-Jennifer S., September 2017

“Wade House is a wonderful lawyer. He and his staff are very attentive and met all of my needs. I recommend him to everyone!”
-Meagan S., September 2017

“I was given Wade’s name through a referral when I was looking for an attorney that could help me out after a car accident. I was very nervous but after our first meeting, there was no doubt in my mind that I’d made the right choice in choosing an attorney. He was thorough, dependable and always kept in touch with me and never left any of my questions unanswered. I never felt rushed or I bothered him. He always took the time to answer each and every one of my questions. The whole staff was always very friendly and inviting when I would come in. I had the pleasure to be introduced to the other attorneys and they stopped what they were doing to shake my hand and speak. I would recommend this group to anyone. They will treat you right!”
-Alexandra J., March 2017

“Campbell performs miracles. If you find yourself in trouble I highly recommend him.”
-Meghan U., January 2017

“Attorney Mennon Campbell and his staff are Great at what they do. I have experienced their assistance and it was extraordinary. If you ever need their assistance, they can and will get the job done. Attorney Mennon and Wade I am truly forever grateful to God for you both. It is simply amazing when you can talk or text your attorney directly without talking to the receptionist. The relationship they have with their clients, such as myself is so incredible. Mennon Keep up the Great Work. You are destined for Greatness!!!! If you or you know anyone who need their assistance, please don’t hesitate to call them.”
-Edward K., October 2016

“I worked with them and they will get the job done!!! One of many good things I can say is they talk to their clients, some Attorney’s offices you call and get VM or a secretary ALL the time; It makes a difference when you can talk to your lawyer directly. Give them a call if you need any help at all.”
-Jackie C., October 2016

“These guys are awesome!! They truly care about you as a client and go above and beyond to help however they can. Thank you Mennon for all that you have done for me!! Grateful.”
– Josh B., July 2016