Common Thanksgiving Day Accidents Everyone Needs to be Aware of

Common Thanksgiving Day Accidents Everyone Needs to be Aware of

We all know Thanksgiving to be a joyous time that is spent surrounded by friends, family, and delicious foods of all types. And while that is exactly what most families experience each time the holiday rolls around, it isn’t quite the same for those who were the unfortunate victim of a Thanksgiving Day accident in the past. You see, when the holiday season comes around, many individuals tend to put their guard down and focus on having fun. Unfortunately, this results in them forgetting to implement the safety precautions they generally follow on any given day which then leads to an unexpected accident occurring.

So, to help ensure your Thanksgiving Day goes just as planned and that no mishaps get in the way of your family time, below we highlight some of the most common types of Thanksgiving Day accidents so that you think twice before engaging in any type of behavior that could lead to you becoming a victim to one of them.

  1. Accidents involving knives. If you have been assigned with the task of carving the turkey, then it is important that you do so carefully and attentively as to not cut yourself while slicing. Knife-related accidents occur all too frequently simply because the person handling the utensil was either paying attention to something else that was happening, they were engaging in conversation, or weren’t experienced with carving a turkey.
  1. Burns. One of the busiest rooms in any home on Thanksgiving Day is the kitchen. With pots boiling and ovens heating up, there are plenty of opportunities for an individual to sustain a burn. With that said, the Virginia Spine Institute suggests that you keep pot handles away from the front edge of the stove to avoid from knocking them down and be careful when taking the turkey out of the oven. If you have other types of foods that are boiling, be sure to set the temperature low enough so that it doesn’t splatter over and onto you.
  1. Drunk driving accidents. Aside from Thanksgiving kicking off the holiday season, it is also when DUI accidents tend to spike in number. Many individuals find themselves wanting to kick back and have a glass, or two, or three of their favorite wine which can then lead to them making poor choices including getting behind the wheel intoxicated. Therefore, it is best that if you plan on drinking, stay indoors. In the event you won’t be staying with friends or family for the entire Thanksgiving evening, have a plan on how you are going to get home that doesn’t involve you getting behind the wheel drunk.
  1. Sports-related accidents. Aside from eating and chatting it up with your loved ones, many families enjoy spending their Thanksgiving afternoon playing a sport such as football or basketball. Now, if you aren’t normally active on the courts or in the gym, then perhaps you should take it slow out there as you put yourself at risk of suffering a fracture or sprain. And the last thing you want, or need, is to be admitted into your local hospital rather than sitting down to a hot Thanksgiving meal with friends and family.

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