According to The New Orleans Advocate, a tragic pedestrian accident involving a pickup truck and a mother and daughter resulted in one fatality late last month. The incident occurred when the two parties on foot were attempting to cross an intersection in the Seventh Ward.

car crash accident on the road

Shortly before 1 p.m. on Saturday, a pickup truck was turning right onto North Claiborne Avenue when it struck the 70-year-old woman and her daughter. Police claim there was no marked crosswalk where the pedestrians were trying to cross at the corner of St. Bernard and North Claiborne Avenues.

Responders took both women to a local hospital for treatment. The older woman died from injuries sustained in the impact. At the time of writing, her daughter was in stable condition.

Authorities determined impairment did not play a role in the incident. The case remains under investigation.

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How Can You Avoid Accidents as a Pedestrian?

People on foot are especially vulnerable to sustaining debilitating or fatal injuries in car accidents because they have zero protection from the impact. Although some collisions certainly come out of nowhere—when an impaired motorist hops the curb, for example—there are ways to protect yourself and reduce the risk of falling victim to a pedestrian accident. Such steps include:

  1. Following All Crosswalk Laws 

Sticking to designated crosswalks at intersections and following all traffic signals is one of the most effective ways to avoid accidents while on foot. For an added layer of protection, make eye contact with any oncoming or stopped motorists before stepping out onto the street so you know they saw you. 

  1. Wearing Reflective Gear and Bright Clothing

If you must go out in the early morning or late evening, don bright clothing that has reflective elements to it so motorists can see you better. PennyGeeks also recommends that you wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight so your own path is illuminated. This will reduce the risk of tripping and falling when visibility is low.

  1. Avoiding Walking While Impaired

New Orleans is one of the handful of cities where people are legally allowed to drink in public; however, you should never drink so much that you end up walking while impaired. Walking while impaired may not be nearly as dangerous as driving under the influence, but it still puts you at risk of getting hurt, especially if you step out into the road when oncoming motorists are not expecting to see someone on foot.

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