Roadway Debris Has Become a Danger to Drivers in Shreveport

Roadway Debris Has Become a Danger to Drivers in Shreveport

Garbage and other types of roadside debris have become an issue for residents living in Shreveport not only because it contributes to making the environment unsanitary but also because it can potentially harm someone. Take for instance, a piece of metal that is left sitting on the side of the road. The fact is, that metal scrap came from somewhere, probably either a pickup truck that was transporting it to the dumpster or another type of utility truck that failed to secure it in the bed of the vehicle. During the time the truck was being driven, this piece of metal likely fell out of the vehicle and was left in the roadway only to become a hazard to the motorists who pass by it.

In fact, the Shreveport Times recently shared a story involving a LA woman who experienced first-hand how dangerous roadway debris can be. It was two years ago when the woman whom the source did not identify, said she was traveling on Interstate 20 heading to work. She said that it was during this time that she witnessed a “short piece of metal fall out of the back of a pickup truck.” The metal scrap fell into the far-left lane and while she thought she was “in the clear,” a diesel truck passed by and its tires kicked the metal debris back up. It then flew onto the woman’s hood and bounced off and into her windshield. The glass immediately shattered, spraying all over her.  Luckily, none hit her in her face and she was able to pull her vehicle off to the side of the road safely.

The woman says that although it was a traumatic event that left her “shaken” and “scared,” she knows she isn’t alone. Unfortunately, she’s right.

The truth is, there are a large number of trucks and other types of vehicles that travel on roadways throughout the city of Shreveport that fail to cover or secure the loads they are transporting which wind up becoming a hazard to other drivers traveling nearby. The news source highlighted that between 2011 and 2014, “roadside debris caused 200,000 crashes, 39,000 injuries, and 500 deaths.” The news outlet also highlighted that in the state of Louisiana, there were 91 injuries reported and two deaths caused by crashes that transpired as a result of a falling object in 2017.

Because it is clear that roadway debris has become a major issue and even a deadly one, it is important for anyone who owns or operates a truck that carries debris or other items that the load is covered and/or secured. Shreveport Times even shared some ways you can help prevent any debris from falling out of your truck which include:

  • Always clean out the bed of your truck before you begin to drive.
  • Cover your load with a tarp and tie it down with rope or bungee cords that are strong enough to keep the tarp on.
  • Never overload your truck or trailer.
  • Put lighter weight items on the bottom of the load.

While many individuals are left under the impression that the debris they are hauling cannot fall out or the small shrubs that may be sitting in the bed of the truck won’t cause any harm should one or two twigs fly out, the reality is, any object that falls from a vehicle traveling at a fast rate of speed has the potential to become a danger to drivers. Not only does it increase the chances of causing an auto accident, but it could also pierce through a motorist’s windshield. Therefore, it is vital that everyone take the time to secure the loads or even the debris they are transporting to be sure no more accidents occur.

Now, if you were recently involved in an accident that was caused by fallen debris that resulted in your vehicle sustaining damage and/or you or your passengers suffering from an injury, consider contacting the Shreveport, LA personal injury lawyers at Campbell, House & Cummins. Our office can help you identify the parties responsible for causing the collision and take the necessary forms of action to ensure you are properly compensated for the damage, pain, or loss you experienced.

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