Safety Tips for Those Traveling on Thanksgiving

Safety Tips for Those Traveling on Thanksgiving

If you and your family are planning on traveling this Thanksgiving holiday, there are a few important safety tips we would like to share with you to ensure your trip runs smoothly and that you arrive safely to your destination. As you know, many individuals will be traveling for the holiday which means roadways will be more congested than usual. And with more vehicles occupying the roadway, the higher the chance of an accident occurring.

Therefore, we encourage you to not only takes these tips into consideration and implement them when it comes time for you to travel, but to also share them with friends and loved ones who might be traveling as well.

  1. Check your tires. If you are going on a road trip for Thanksgiving or just driving a few hours away to spend time with family, be sure to check your tires. If they look or feel as though they are low on air, don’t wait to fill them up. In the event they appear to be worn down, it is best to get them replaced prior to traveling as you wouldn’t want to catch a flat while driving on the highway. Not only can a flat tire put a damper on your trip, but it also puts you and those traveling with you at a higher risk of engaging in an accident as many aren’t keeping an eye out for disabled vehicles and often crash into the back of them.
  1. Buckle up. If you are traveling with small children or infants, be sure their child restraint seats are properly installed and that they are buckled in properly. Many children have lost their lives in crashes after their parent or caregiver failed to buckle them in properly. Aside from ensuring your kids are properly buckled, be sure to put your seat belt on too. Seat belts increase your chances of surviving a wreck and reduce the chances of you sustaining a serious injury. Did you know that in 2016, seat belts saved nearly 15,000 lives [Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration]?
  1. Obey and observe all speed limits. Speeding is another factor that increases the chances of a collision occurring and because there are going to be many travelers out on the roadway like you, it is best you avoid speeding at all costs. In fact, you may find yourself having to travel below the speed limit if there is a significant amount of traffic congestion. While we know how badly you want to arrive at your relatives for the holidays, it’s more important that you get there safely.
  1. Drive sober. Many individuals tend to let their guard down during the holiday times as they are off from work and simply enjoying the company of their family and friends. And while it is nice to be able to kick back and relax, never should you allow yourself to engage in any type of behavior that could put you or anyone else in harm’s way. Therefore, it is never okay to get behind the wheel after having consumed any amount of alcohol. Not only should you avoid drinking before traveling for the holidays, but also when driving home after celebrating Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

[Source: Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles].

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